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Girls Active: Primary

Girls Active is our commitment to fostering girls' participation in PE, sport, and physical activity. The programme aims to tackle the barriers girls experience and through cultivating a movement of girls and young women, empower them to take positive action through influencing, leading, and inspiring their peers.


Evidence of need:

  • Only 46% of girls aged 5-7 years meet Chief Medical Officers’ guidance of 60 minutes per day (56% boys) and this declines to 41% for 7-11 year olds (47% boys) (Sport England, 2023)
  • Girls in key stage 2 (7-11 years) already experience greater barriers to participation than boys with their top three barriers being; 23% - I don’t like getting hot and sweaty; 23% - I don't like other people watching me; 21% - I am not confident (Youth Sport Trust, 2023)
  • As young as age 7, gender stereotypes are already limiting girls’ beliefs about sport and their place within it. 24% of girls believe that some sports are for girls and some sports are for boys, and boys’ perception of this is even greater (38%) (Youth Sport Trust, 2023)

What's involved: Schools selected to participate in Girls Active Primary will identify a lead teacher(s) who, supported through the programme by resources and training, will develop Girls Active within their school, placing the Girls Active framework and principles at the heart of their approach. By working with girls through consultation, codesign and leadership they will seek to create solutions to the barriers girls experience to participation in PE, sport, and physical activity in their school. See the full details in the programme guidance document found on this page.

Outcomes: Schools can benefit through an increased understanding of how physical activity positively contributes to all girls’ lives, an increased awareness of the challenges for girls and how to tackle them through effective principles for engaging girls.

Young people participating will improve personal traits such as self-esteem, confidence, communication, creativity, and leadership. They will have an increased understanding of the relevance of PE, school sport and physical activity to their lives and will be empowered to contribute to the design and delivery of a relevant school sport experience.

For your school to take part in this programme you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Primary school
  • Based in the geographic areas of Newcastle, Manchester and London

Duration: Upon acceptance to the programme you will remain involved until the end of the 2024/25 academic year. The deadline for expressions of interest is 30 June 2024.

Find out more: about Girls Active on our website - click here. To read more about the Youth Sport Trust's partnership with the LEGO Group - click here.