Charity Partners and Supporters

A charity partnership with the Youth Sport Trust can support your business mission, enhance staff engagement and help to energise and inspire your workforce and customers to get involved and reap the benefits of that ‘feel good’ fundraising feeling at work.

From corporate donations, employee and customer fundraising to payroll giving, there are many ways in which your organisation can work with us as your chosen charity to support.

We will help you to engage your colleagues and customers in one-off activities or structured year-round fundraising that will provide crucial support to the work of the charity’s mission in creating a generation of happier, healthier young people.

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The structure of the Youth Sport Trust helping schools local to all of our offices was ideal to ensure we can help as many children and young adults as possible, in the most effective way through the programmes they develop.

NEXA Properties
NEXA Properties

Our Partner Stories

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Each year the Foresters Friendly Society’s President nominates a charity of their choice for the Annual Charity Appeal, and this provides a national focus for the fundraising efforts of our members and complements the many local charities that their branches support. The mutual says it wants to give back after seeing a crisis in young people's wellbeing, with rising numbers reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression, alongside a decline in levels of physical activity.

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Kingswood provide year-round confidence boosting adventures for young people and adults across 11 outdoor activity centres in the UK, welcoming over 100,000 school children every year to get active in the outdoors. They understand the transformational benefits of play and sport on young lives and therefore in 2023 they have pledged to raise £10,000 for the Youth Sport Trust through their outdoor activity centre teams across the UK.

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NEXA Golf Day 2023

“In October 2022 we decided to arrange a golf day in support of our charity partner Youth Sport Trust. When we first started, we didn’t quite realise just how big we could grow this and how much support we would get but early support and enthusiasm was encouraging, and we quickly realised how big the event could become. We decided to arrange for June 2023 to allow us time for planning, payments and recruiting the correct number of players. We arranged an agreed price with a local club including breakfast and lunch and then arranged sponsors per hole.

"It was a lot of work involved but now we’ve done it once I feel like it’s something that could be repeated annually. We had so much positive feedback from participants and sponsors alike and we were thrilled that we managed to raise in excess of £7500 for a one-off event, which was an incredible achievement. This showed us our value in the local community how supported we are by local customers, friends, colleagues, and family – who all helped to spread the message about what Youth Sport Trust are trying to achieve. Was it hard work and time consuming? Yes, absolutely. Was it worth it? 1000%."

Neil Thorpe, Managing Director. NEXA Properties

Fundraising Reward Visits

An Athlete Mentor visit will be to be offered to any organisation that raises £5k or more for YST in fundraising or donations.

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and physical Activity used their Athlete Mentor reward visit at their Staff Conference.

Anna Wilson, Events Manager said: "Kelvin's presentation was one of the highlights of our staff conference as he candidly delved into the importance of performance habits, marginal gains and perseverance.

"The compelling narrative of his BMX journey, from childhood passion, learning from his failures, to seeing the highs of his successes, took us all on a fascinating journey."

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