Athlete Mentor visit

Our world-class athletes can visit your school to help tackle young people’s declining emotional wellbeing and resilience while also inspiring their attitudes to learning.



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Our team of Athlete Mentors, which includes a host of Olympic, Paralympic, World Championship and Commonwealth medallists, have a wealth of experience providing inspiration through sharing their journey and personal stories of struggle and success.

The athletes can visit your school to deliver assemblies, workshops and masterclasses working with targeted pupil groups. They can also deliver motivational speeches, host awards ceremonies, events, sports days or provide a taster of a YST Athlete Mentor programme.

A typical Athlete Mentor visit

Athlete mentor arrival

You may wish to instruct the Athlete Mentor to deliver a breakfast session. This could take many forms and include a variety of important people within your school, including a session with the headteacher/principle, senior leadership team, governors or an inspirational session at a staff briefing, or breakfast with students.

Inspirational assembly

Assembly speaking is a popular option amongst schools, allowing the athlete to speak to the whole school or a specific year group, for the full assembly or part of the assembly. The theme of the assembly could include the athlete’s personal story or they could link their story to a theme of your choice, such as the school’s values or focus for the term.

Bespoke workshop

The bespoke option is completely down to you, tailor this session to suit your needs. It could include the same cohort for the full time or a carousel of cohorts. Current themes that schools are regularly choosing for workshops include:

  • Raising aspirations
  • Declining emotional wellbeing and resilience
  • Character development or life skills
  • Developing leadership or employability
  • Improving student behaviour and attitudes to learning.

These themes are not exclusive. Please contact us by using the link above to discuss any ideas you have for a YST Athlete Mentor supporting your school or to discuss a bespoke package. 



A shorter informal delivery, this could include an afternoon session with staff and/or students or delivery of a sport-based session.

Feedback and review

This may include a debrief with students and/or lead for the visit, or a reflective session with the headteacher/principle.

After school session

After school slots are also an option, in which the Athlete Mentor may include the delivery of a sport-based masterclass or training session with students, a mentoring session with gifted and talented students or a seminar/talk, informal discussion with governors, parents and/or teachers.

Please note:

  • Visits require a minimum of 4-6 weeks’ notice
  • A full day visit is up to 6 hours and a half day visit is up to 3 hours (start/finish times are flexible to suit your needs)
  • A full day visit cannot be taken as two half days
  • If you request a specific athlete, we cannot guarantee this due to location and availability, but every effort will be made to accommodate your request
  • A full day (4-6 hours) visit could take place between 8.00am-4.00pm. 
It's been amazing. Jenna is inspirational and she has taught us how to motivate ourselves. There has been a lot of team building which has brought us closer together, she has taught us to look after our bodies and to find solutions to problems. I admire everything Jenna has achieved.
Pupil, Holy Cross Catholic High School