YST has a wide variety of programmes that are available for schools to access. Programmes are insight driven and developed in partnership with young people and educators.

At their core YST programmes aim to empower young people, and fall under the categories of:

  • Character and Leadership
  • Inclusion
  • Physical and Mental Health

Programmes are available through two key methods. Firstly, YST generates a range of investment through sponsors, funders and grants that support the free offering for schools. Secondly, where funding is not available, individual or groups of schools can look to invest directly.

As such, a programme may be classified as:

  • For my school - an individual school interested in accessing a programme for the benefit of its pupils, staff and community
  • On behalf of others - a school or organisation interested in accessing and co-ordinating the delivery of a programme that will be accessed across a range of schools or for young people outside of their individual school.

If you’d like to learn more or take part, simply click on any of the programmes listed and follow the joining instructions.

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