What We Do

Empowering young people and equipping educators

Sport gives young people a platform to have their voice heard and a place to feel they belong. We harness this extraordinary power to change young lives today and help them build a brighter tomorrow.

We run inclusive and innovative programmes that support young people to:

  • improve health and wellbeing
  • develop character and leadership
  • promote inclusion and empathy

We work through physical education, bringing together communities of educators and equipping them with the training, practical tools and resources to achieve more for every child.

We are also a leading source of PE and youth sport news, insight and opinion.

Five big issues we are working to tackle:

  • Only 45% of young people are meeting the Chief Medical Officer guidelines of taking part in sport and physical activity for an average of 60 minutes or more every day (Sport England, 2021)
  • The UK ranked lowest out of 24 European countries for the proportion of 15 year olds with high life satisfaction (PISA, 2018)
  • One in seven children are obese by the time they start school, increasing to one in four by year six (NHS, 2021)
  • 38% of teachers said their PE provision has declined because core subjects have been given additional time (Youth Sport Trust, 2018)
  • One in six children have a probable mental disorder (NHS Digital, 2020).

In 2019/20, our targeted programmes provided opportunities for over 300,000 young people to enjoy the life-changing benefits of sport and play. Our athlete mentors, coaches and networks trained 100,000 young people and 20,000 teachers to lead and deliver inclusive sport and physical education.

Our values of trust, responsibility, integrity and partnership working underpin everything we do.

Together we’re transforming lives through sport and play.