YST Knowledge Bank

Welcome to the YST Knowledge Bank. The evidence collated here has helped to inform our strategy and drive us to build back happier, healthier and more resilient young people.

The YST Knowledge Bank contains key statistics and evidence about young people and physical activity, play and sport. It is updated on a regular basis to make sure it contains the latest information.

If you’d like to see more detail and access the full database, select the 'get started' button. The YST Knowledge Bank can be filtered and searched to help you find the statistics or evidence you are looking for. It includes key topics such as young people's physical, mental and social wellbeing and well as statistics around education and society.

YST invest considerable time and resource in collating and updating the information within the database, which is available for your use. However, we would kindly ask that whenever you use any information from within the database you acknowledge that the information has been sourced from the YST Knowledge Bank.

If you scroll down further, you will find our Key Factsheets which summarise key statistics on key topics. We are regularly updating these and adding new topics. If there are any topics you would like to see, please get in touch.

For any questions or feedback please contact [email protected].

The YST Knowledge Bank has become a crucial part of my planning process. The fact that everything is easily accessible and is personalised to the schools/pupils I want to look at is complete game changer.

Strategic Lead for PE & School Sport
Strategic Lead for PE & School Sport

Did you know?

1 in 4
children don't feel that they belong at school
of children and young people in the UK meet the Chief Medical Officer guidelines of recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day
of children aged 7 to 17 have a probable mental health disorder

I frequently suggest your Knowledge Bank to my teaching friends, and I've seen them use that information in meetings to advocate for school curriculum changes or budget increases. It truly has an impact. In an era where physical education is sometimes neglected in schools, your data helps keep it in focus.

Marketing Executive
Marketing Executive

The YST Schools Database contains data about schools and the make-up of the pupils that attend these schools. It gathers information together from the School Census and IMD index to provide detail at a school level.

If you’d like to see more detail and access the full database, select the 'get started' button on the right-hand side.

  • The YST Schools Database can be filtered and searched to help you find the schools in your area.
  • It includes key data including location details of the school, the number of pupils attending as well as percentages of pupils with certain characteristics.
  • It will be updated regularly with the latest releases of the datasets mentioned.