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This website has been designed as a ‘one-stop shop’ for ALL schools in England to access support, practical resources and useful information to develop girls' football provision in your school.

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The network of FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships across the country, in collaboration with Barclays and with the Youth Sport Trust will work with families of schools at primary and secondary levels to develop girls in and through football in an educational-based setting.

The Partnerships will increase opportunities for girls to play the game in and out of curriculum time in an educational setting. Teachers and school staff will receive bespoke training to support the development of Physical Literacy, Character Education and Youth Leadership. Establishing close links with County Football Associations and Community Football Trusts, the Partnerships will be able to signpost girls to community opportunities. In addition, The FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships – supported by Barclays will create the next generation of the game’s behind-the-scenes workforce by developing and growing the number of female volunteers.