Girls' Football in Schools


Funded by The FA and delivered by the Youth Sport Trust, Girls’ Football in Schools is a framework delivered locally by a national network of over 300 local partnerships and tailored programmes, working to achieve the ambition that every girl will have equal access to football in school by 2024.

Evidence of Need

We know that girls do not have equal access to football in schools. The FA’s vision is to ensure that every girl has this opportunity, with the goal of 75% of schools nationally offering girls equal access to football in PE lessons, and 90% of schools nationally offering girls equal opportunities to participate regular extra-curricular football.

Driving this vision are the Barclays Girls’ Football School Partnerships by England Football, a nationwide network to mainstream football in school for girls.

The Youth Sport Trust provides the day-to-day coaching and support of the network of local strategic leads and equips them with programmes, such as Disney inspired Shooting Stars by England Football and Barclays Game On part of England Football, alongside training for girls and their teachers.

Did you know?

of schools achieved equal access in PE, as of 2023
of schools achieved equal opportunities in extra-curricular, as of 2023
of total participants in football are women – The FA Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Impact to Date

Nearly 20,000 schools are now in one of the 320 Barclays Girls Football Schools Partnerships. This means that 90% of eligible schools in the country are part of a network committed to ensuring equal access for girls.

Furthermore since the programme began in 2016...

  • 280,318 girls participated in Girls’ Football School programmes
  • 6,192 teachers have been trained
  • 5,391 schools have been trained

The case studies on this page provide further information and impact of the Disney inspired Shooting Stars and Barclays Game On programmes.

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