Bubble Leadership

YST Bubble Leadership
School life is going to look different for a while. Bubbles and other restrictions pose challenges to the delivery of school sport and leadership for an unknown length of time. But we must overcome these challenges to help young people recover from the impact of COVID-19 through sport.

Bubble Leadership is an exciting new concept and toolkit that aims to help you implement a leadership model that will support, encourage and motivate pupils to take part in sport, physical activity and play opportunities within the parameters of the Government’s COVID-19 return to school guidelines.

The Bubble Leadership concept can support you to:

  • Create a movement of young leaders, who have a passion to champion school sport to improve the wellbeing of their peers
  • Help young people develop skills, and improve physical, social and emotional wellbeing acting as agents of social change
  • Reintroduce both leaders and participants to a positive routine involving physical activity
  • Increase workforce capacity by empowering young people to drive extra-curricular/informal activity with their peers.

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The Bubble Leadership concept has been informed by YST research ‘Youth Leadership Opportunities: Beyond COVID-19’, which was conducted to shape leadership opportunities in line with the wants and needs of young people. The full report is available to view here.

Additional Resources

We have also collated a selection of free YST resources from across some of our programmes to prompt ideas of activities young leaders could do. This list of resources will continue to grow as we move through the Autumn term.

Each resource is branded as per the programme it’s been taken from. Some have been created specifically to support post COVID-19, others are from pre-existing YST programmes. We would strongly encourage you to review any activities to ensure they meet Government and your school guidelines.

The purpose of these resources is to prompt ideas, however it’s important to remember your young leaders themselves are your most creative resource!

TopYa is an online digital platform that can be used by schools or young leaders to set activities and challenges for their peers remotely. To download the free app visit the Apple store to access all of our activities and resources please use the code – 23880.

This could also be an opportunity to connect with campaigns such as ‘This Girl Can... Create Change!’ Find out more here.