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Young Ambassadors

YST Young Ambassadors
Designed to build young people's leadership skills.
How we work - Solutions - Young Ambassadors

The Young Ambassador programme is designed to build the leadership skills of young people and as a result they are then empowered to encourage their inactive peers to become more engaged in sport. Our 'Leadership Ladder' explains this in more detail.

There are over 12,000 Young Ambassadors across the UK embedded within schools and community structures. This programme identifies, trains, deploys and celebrates outstanding sports leaders who have stepped up to become ambassadors for PE and school sport.

The expectation for every Young Ambassador is to:
  • Be the youth voice for PE and school sport in their school and community
  • Promote the positive values of sport
  • Be a role model and champion for PE and school sport
  • Increase participation opportunities and healthy lifestyles for everyone

For more guidance, training and resources please follow the links below:

Young Ambassadors England (coming soon)

Young Ambassadors Wales, delivered in partnership with Sport Wales

Young Ambassadors Scotland, delivered in partnership with Sport Scotland

For further information, please contact:

Ella Ferguson
Development Manager - YST Leaders
01509 226600

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