Campbell Award - Network Leader / Local Influencer Award

Sponsored by Kingswood

Awarded to a network leader who has influenced change in their area that has positively impacted on schools and young people through PE, sport and play.

Winner - Alan Watkinson
Vincent Brittain 
Co-chairs of the Schools Active Movement


Photo of winners at awards evening

Alan and Vincent are co-chairs of the Schools Active Movement (SAM) and they work tirelessly to steer the SAM Board and provide selfless leadership. They have committed their working lives to building strong locally based organisations that bring countless opportunities for young people to get active and be inspired by the power of sport. 

Vincent is CEO of Inspire+ in Grantham, Lincolnshire, establishing the charity in 2011, and going from strength to strength under his many years of leadership. Every year Vincent runs the Mini Olympics, where over three days, 2,500 young people get to participate in a wide range of activities designed to help them get active and have fun. Alongside this the charity runs the Holiday Activities and Food programmes across school holidays, ensuring young people get access to physical activity and healthy food in the holidays. 

Alan is the partnership Director for Sport Impact in Hounslow which was established in 2006. For 17 years Sport Impact have been on a mission to ensure all children are happier, healthier and more active, Alan has been an integral part of achieving this. Last year Sport Impact supported 49 primary schools and 19 secondary schools through a combination of competitions and events, engaging over 10,000 young people, as well as providing specialist PE support and staff training. Seven of the schools involved received a Platinum School Games Mark.

Alan and Vincent not only invest their time and energy into their local places, they have gone above and beyond, time and again to help others across the School Sport Partnership Community. They worked with the Youth Sport Trust to form the Schools Active Movement (SAM) national board with representatives from across the country, creating a united strategy and a powerful voice for people doing similar roles as them. The board offers the help, support and encouragement needed to provide crucial opportunities for young people each year.

It’s safe to say that Alan and Vincent make a formidable pair and together they are making the voice of the SAM network heard. 

Highly Commended - Claire Tennyson, Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership, Tees Valley 

Claire is the Executive Director, Partnership Manager and School Games Organiser (SGO) of Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership, alongside a number of other important roles where she has huge local and national influence.

What sets Claire apart is her innovative and adaptable approach to supporting schools, understanding that each institution has its unique challenges and strengths. Whether it's implementing creative learning programs, organizing extracurricular activities, or integrating technology into the curriculum, Claire consistently explores diverse avenues to enrich the educational experience for students.

Claire’s work has seen many notable achievements.  She is the driving force behind the Tees Valley Girls Football & School Games Organiser (SGO) Network where she is tireless in her pursuit of helping children and young adults become happier, healthier and more active.  She pushes all seven SGO's - herself included - to think about what they do and why they do what they do, giving adere needed to really make a difference to young people's lives.  As Chair of Tees Valley Sport, her leadership was evident in the Opening School Facilities project, where she was able to mobilise the networks, local schools, community organisations and facility managers to ensure the delivery of the programme was meaningful for school pupils, their families and the local community.  She is very much the driving force that binds the Tees Valley together through her passion for giving children a better life through PE, sport and physical activity.

Beyond her professional obligations, Claire is a catalyst for positive change. Her passion for education extends beyond conventional boundaries, as she actively seeks opportunities to engage with local communities. She has significantly contributed to the well-being of children and young people in her partnership area and the broader Tees Valley region.


Full list of shortlisted entries:

  • Adam Pilkington, John Spence Community High School, North Shields
  • Alan Watkinson & Vincent Brittain, Co-chairs of the Schools Active Movement
  • Claire Tennyson, Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership, Tees Valley
  • Dean Woodham, Partnership Manager, North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership, Oxfordshire
  • Helen Bourton, Connected Partnership, Wolverhampton
  • Simone Laidlow, Newham School Sport Partnership, London