Lightweight aluminium Multi-Sport Wheelchair

Designed in the UK in collaboration between RMA Sport and the Youth Sport Trust this wheelchair features multiple seat widths with an ergonomic 2"/50mm cushion depth, height adjustable canvas back rest, vertical and horizonal footrest and adjustable rear anti-tipper for safety, comfort and maximum flexibility. Lightweight with quick release wheels which make it easy to transport.



(£1000.00 ex. VAT)



(£1100.00 ex. VAT)


The wheelchairs can be used for many sports, including basketball, boccia and tennis, however they are not suitable for wheelchair rugby.

The product is made in the UK and is exclusive to Youth Sport Trust. The wheelchair is available in a series of standard seat width sizes that are colour coordinated to make it easy for schools and clubs to identify the small to large wheelchairs. The flexibility in the options offers the opportunity for all young people to get involved in wheelchair sport.

It has been given a 4* rating by Able Magazine. (Please note wheels in images may not be to exact specification.)

Roma Sport manufactures the wheelchairs at its facility in Bridgend – South Wales. It compromises of the best quality components which include a durable steel frame, quick release rear wheels and adjustable footrest. The specification consists of:

  • Seat width – 12” / 14” / 16” / 18”
  • Wheel size 24” spoke (quick release)
  • Backrest height from floor 740mmv - this can be set at any size required
  • Wheel camber 15 degrees
  • Seat camber 10 degrees
  • Seat height from floor at the rear 465mm
  • Single ant tip on rear
  • Seat cushion length 300mm long x 2” thick
  • Footrest gloss black adjustable in height
  • Plastic side guards (screw on)
  • Black seat and backrest upholstery
  • Footrest plate will be supplied with only four fixing holes
  • Frame material ERW bright mild steel.

All wheelchairs have a weight limit of 12 stone.

The objective was to make the chair as lightweight as possible to enable young people to play sport without too much effort in pushing a heavy frame. With this in mind, the wheelchair frame weight is approximately 7.5 kg – with the total weight of the product, frame and wheels, weighing approximately 10.5 kg.

Oxford Brookes University ensure that all Primary Trainee Teachers understand how to teach fully inclusive Physical Education. The School of Education have recently invested in 2 sports wheelchairs from Youth Sport Direct and this has had a significant increase in their understanding of how to include all young people. Students who had never sat in a wheelchair before, never mind played sport in one, were overwhelmed by the experience and how much it had improved their confidence in teaching Physical Education.

Carolyn Murphy, Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University
Carolyn Murphy