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Young Ambassador Programme (Wales)

Young Ambassadors is a youth leadership movement aimed at developing future leaders through sport, physical activity, and play. Young Ambassadors will use their role to inspire, influence, lead, and mentor within and across education and communities, to connect and support society to be healthy and active.


What’s involved: We will provide ongoing, person centred support for Young Ambassadors to develop as confident, motivated, and skilled young leaders. We want participants to learn through leadership by providing positive and meaningful opportunities and experiences that will enhance their integral skills.

Schools who register for the programme will receive access to the following:

  • Conferences: Three regional conferences will take place in North, South-East, and South-West Wales each academic year to train Gold and Platinum Young Ambassadors. Conferences are also delivered at local level by sports development teams to train Bronze and Silver Young Ambassadors
  • Virtual Webinars: Each term we will host a live webinar to support and upskill Young Ambassadors at all levels of the progression pathway, linked to a specific leadership topic relevant to their role. Webinars will also be recorded, saved, and shared online to playback and use for training purposes
  • Supporting Resources: There will be a continual roll out of new resources to offer ongoing support to young ambassadors, staff, and stakeholders to deliver the movement, which are free and available to download once registered
  • Stakeholder Training: Regional training will take place each academic year for staff who lead the movement, to connect and collaborate, share good practice, and review successes and shortfalls at an operational level to support the ongoing development of the movement in their areas
  • Network Panels: Have been established to increase communications, connectivity, and collaboration at local, regional, and national level in Wales to support Young Ambassadors, key stakeholders, and alumni to work together, share best practice, and drive the movement in education and communities
  • Termly Newsletter: These termly updates will provide Young Ambassadors and stakeholders with all the latest news and opportunities to get involved in. We will also shine a spotlight on best practice across Wales and recognise Young Ambassadors for their work within both education and community settings.

Outcomes: Through cross-sector collaboration, we will collectively develop, support, and empower Young Ambassadors to facilitate activities, build belonging, tackle inequalities, and use the power of advocacy to help transform Wales to become a more active, healthier nation.

For your school to take part in this programme you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Primary or Secondary school (including Further Education)
  • Based in Wales

Duration: This programme takes place between September 2024 – July 2025. The deadline for expressions of interest is 31 March 2024.

Find out more: about Young Ambassador Programme (Wales) by speaking to a member of the team, Chloe Jordan, at [email protected]