Active Recovery Hub

Access over 350 resources to help children and young people to boost their health and wellbeing following Covid-19, by promoting being active before, during and after the school day.

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Every child and young person will have had their own unique, personal, lived in experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. All will have experienced losses to their routines, structures, friendships, opportunities and freedoms.

Children’s activity levels fell during the first lockdown and there is acute concern that their fitness and wellbeing will have plummeted even further during the second period of school closures. The recent Sport England Active Lives data reveals that active children are happier, more confident, resilient and trusting than their less active peers. 

As pupils adjust to being back in school following the Covid-19 pandemic, educators may need to provide additional support for their pupils not least more opportunities to be active, outdoors, reconnecting and rebuilding their learning confidence. The Active Recovery Hub offers over 250 resources intentionally designed to spark ideas, draw upon schools’ own Recovery Curriculum plans, and offer additional resources and guidance to support action.