Sports competition initiative in Karachi Pakistan

Building on the success of the pilot programme we are currently delivering a PE and sports competition initiative in Karachi Pakistan, funded by ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation.

115 schools have been chosen from areas of significant deprivation in Karachi and Orangi town (the largest slum in the world) together with targeted groups from DIL, The Citizen’s Foundation and Catholic schools.  Teachers from each of the schools have attended a 3- day workshop delivered by YST International trainers to equip them with the skills and knowledge to deliver weekly in school competition based around cricket and rounders.  Many of the schools have limited space and equipment and so have been provided with ideas for adapting games and a bag of sports equipment to assist their delivery. 

Teachers were asked what will you do upon returning back to school? Naneen Khan from Allied School Barbar Campus 1 Secondary responded; 

‘I will talk with my headteacher and the children. I will encourage the children that don’t take part as it is important to keep the health by being active. First, I want to practice, then I will teach the other teachers’ 

‘When I come back, I will play with the children. I will talk and share with my teachers I will be happy, and my children will be happy. My teachers will be happy’ replied Nusrat Maqsood from St Francis Assasi School Primary

Schools will come together next year to deliver between school competition and will be supported over the coming weeks by an in-country manager and his small team of assistants.