EU partners welcomed for School Games National Finals

This week Youth Sport Trust International are welcoming partners from across the EU to see the School Games National Finals in action, which takes place at Loughborough University between 01 and 04 September 2022.

The study visit is part of an Erasmus+ sport funded project called Grassroots Exchange and Mobility in Sport (GEM) led by the Hungarian School Sports Federation. The project brings together organisations from both Western and Eastern European countries to share knowledge and expertise about how physical activity, PE and sport are delivered in their respective countries and to promote good practice. To date Study Visits have also taken place to Bosnia Herzegovina (April) and Spain (May). A final visit is planned to Hungary in September this year.

Objectives of UK Study Visit are:

  • To gain an understanding of physical activity, PE and school sport in the UK
  • To experience an event in the UK to gain insight into how it is delivered and the impact/outcomes it has for young people
  • To find out about volunteering opportunities for young people in sport
  • To take back learnings to their own countries
  • To strengthen links between project partner organisations in Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia) and Western European countries (Spain, Denmark, Luxembourg, UK).

As the world emerges from the pandemic, we are excited to be able to host delegations once again and to share the School Games National Finals event with our EU colleagues.

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