Multi-Academy Trusts

The Youth Sport Trust believes that positioning PE, sport and play effectively across a Multi-Academy Trust can support outcomes for the whole trust community by creating a culture that values health and wellbeing, builds belonging and is a driver for a Trust’s civic role. 

By prioritising the contribution of improved health and wellbeing to their improvement plans, and putting PE, sport and play at the heart of their schools, Academy Trusts can drive outcomes such as healthier, happier and more resilient pupils and staff, reduced inequalities, high quality education, improved life skills, raised aspirations and increased achievement and attainment.

YST’s MAT Advisory Group is made up of MAT leaders and sector partners to influence, facilitate collaboration and nurture advocates to promote the power of PE, sport and play. 

MAT PE, Sport and Wellbeing Leaders’ Network brings together those leading and co-ordinating across MAT schools to collaborate and share practice, to inspire, support and learn, and to work together towards a shared mission.

Tailored support for Multi-Academy Trusts across the country includes:

  • Creating a MAT-wide vision and strategy for PE, school sport and wellbeing.
  • Development of leaders within MATs to drive PE, school sport physical activity and wellbeing to achieve whole Trust outcomes.
  • Upskilling staff through high quality PE and school sport CPD.
  • Support to review and develop curriculum PE.
  • Training and resources to drive personal development and life skills through PE and school sport.
  • Improved physical and mental wellbeing through our programmes, resources, and training.

We are working hard to support Trusts to improve the health and wellbeing of their school communities through our Well School Trust approaches.

As our sector increasingly focuses on what it means to be a strong trust - high quality education, strategic governance, efficient and effective operations, workforce resilience and wellbeing, public benefit, and civic duty – it is clear that the Well School Trust principles have the potential to underpin so much of what can make a good Trust great.

Leora Cruddas, CEO Confederation of School Trusts​
Leora Cruddas

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