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February 2023


YST Conference

Our annual Conference, taking place on Thursday 02 March in Telford, is THE calendar event of the year for anyone working in school leadership, wellbeing, personal development, physical education, and school sport.

We will be joined by an array of inspirational speakers and workshop facilitators as we use the day to focus on the current mental health crisis that is impacting our young people. 

As part of the conference programme, there will be a closed session for Lead Inclusion Schools. This is an opportunity to connect with your fellow lead schools, a time to network and hear more about the direction of where the networks are evolving.

As a valued partner we are pleased to let you know that your place at the Conference is fully funded by Youth Sport Trust. To reserve your free place, please visit the main conference booking link and choose the ‘Standard Conference ticket’ option on the booking system and use the code YST23Lead. Please note that discount codes will not work when booking on a mobile phone.

Furthermore, we are able to contribute £130 towards overnight accommodation on Wednesday 01 March. You will need to book accommodation, then let us know that you’ve booked. We will then send you a claims form after the conference so we can reimburse you.

If you have any questions about booking or accommodation, please contact Rebecca Tyers.

Inclusion 2024 Evaluation

Thanks to everyone who has passed the partner survey link on to the people you’ve been delivering CPD and support to - we’ve had a really good response already. Just a reminder to send this on to those you’ve been working with since Christmas so they can let us know what a difference it’s making to them.

Now we’re in the second year of the project, we’d like to get some examples of the difference this work is making to children and young people. If you know of a school or young person who’s been impacted by Inclusion 2024, please let Amy know so we can get the details to include in this year’s report.

Inclusive Education Hub

We have a poster that promotes both the differences and value of both the Inclusive Education Hub and Inclusive Health Check to help promote to your local networks. 

FA Shooting Stars

Thank you to those that attended the FA Shooting Stars on 01 February, unfortunately, the session was not recorded for those that were unable to attend.

We have more training coming this year. Please share this training (and registration links) with any school or FA Girls Partnerships that may be interested in establishing a Shooting Stars SEND club

You should have received a set of resources in the post recently. These are for you to keep and use to promote the opportunity with your local networks. Schools and partnerships in your counties that attend the training, and commit to establishing a club, will also receive a set of resources. A digital version is available.


Inclusion 2024 Live

The week of 23-27 January saw our second year of Inclusion 2024 Live, thank you to those that we able to join us live. The sessions were recorded and are ready to be viewed.

Here is a reminder of the sessions:

  • Show and Tell: How photography can bring everyone into the name
  • Disability Sports Awareness: how to include disabled young people delivered by a young person
  • Inclusive Education Hub: be supported to review and improve inclusive physical education and school sport delivery
  • Whitfield Aspen School: Dover-based school that brings together mainstream pupils and Special school pupils in a truly inclusive learning environment
  • Introduction to co-creation: find out ways to start that conversation with your young people
  • Youth Panel: hear from young people about their leadership journey.

If you have any feedback or questions on the week, please contact Roshni.

Inclusive Health Check (IHC) County Reports

Thanks to the efforts of Rob Belbin, we can now provide you with a report of your county’s Inclusive Health Check (IHC) for the autumn term. You can access these on the Lead Inclusion School MS Teams site in a folder named ‘Inclusive Health Check County Reports’. There are two documents for each county:

  1. a user-friendly PDF that includes graphs summarising the findings
  2. an excel spreadsheet that has the raw data from IHC.

We will be providing you with these reports on a termly basis and the aim is for this to drive our work locally in a more targeted way. It will also be valuable insight to share with your networks, SGOs, and FA Girls Partnerships to assist them with their development planning.

Young People Blog Writing Opportunity

We are looking for young people to write blogs so we can showcase the amazing impact you are all having on them. To help with writing the blogs, we have put together some Q&A questions that will help the young people write their posts. Please consider your young role models for inclusive youth leadership and any that are taking part in any Inclusion 2024 projects.

  1. Tell us a bit about you. Please include your full name, age and year group, school name, if you have any disabilities, your relationship with sport/PE/physical activity.
  2. Tell us about your involvement in Inclusion 2024 at your school (i.e. within your school, do you help deliver the programme and/or inspire others to get involved?).
  3. Before starting on the programme, was there anything that you were struggling with? This could include: not feeling PE/sport was relevant for you, lack of confidence to take part, no opportunities to do so.
  4. Since getting involved, what difference has this made to you both within and outside of school?
  5. What have been your favourite activities/moments?
  6. Do you have any tips/advice you can give to other young people wanting to take part in more sport, physical activity or PE? Would you recommend they look to get involved with Inclusion 2024?
  7. How do you think the skills you have learned through this programme and in sport will help you in future?

Please send your completed blogs to Roshni and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the inclusion team.

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