Our Athlete Mentors

Through our programmes, the Youth Sport Trust is deploying some of Britain’s most successful world class athletes into schools to inspire young people and improve thousands of lives all across the UK.

The Athlete Mentors can be utilised in many ways, you can either get involved in our highly successful  Living For Sport programme or you can arrange a visit to your school for an event or specific mentoring. 

Athlete Mentor Visits

Using the power of world class athletes can help to tackle declining emotional wellbeing and resilience in young people and improve behaviour and attitudes to raise attainment across the curriculum.

Our bespoke visits can be used to engage your young people, parents or for staff training days to inspire the workforce, through methods such as assemblies, workshops, masterclasses or award ceremonies.

Living For Sport

Since its launch in 2003, our acclaimed Living For Sport programme has used world class athlete mentors to inspire over half a million young people. The programme has been proven to tackle declining emotional wellbeing and boost confidence and resilience in young people. By helping develop vital character and employability skills it encourages improvement in behaviour and attitude to achieve their personal best in life.

Get Exam Fit

Through the use of high profile athletes and supporting resources, Get Exam Fit aims to create a behaviour change in young people. It utilises the athletes’ experience of managing high pressured situations and developing strategies to alleviate stress and anxiety. The package helps students to build confidence, manage their physical and emotional wellbeing and achieve their potential in exams.

Active 30:30 Champions

Our Athlete Mentors will inspire and guide primary schools and families to commit to 30 minutes of physical activity during the school day and 30 minutes at home. Drawing on the latest theory the athletes will work with teachers and pupils to understand the principles to encourage behaviour change and establish active lifestyle habits.

See the Athlete Mentors who work in your area

East of England

The Athlete Mentors available in the East of England region.
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East Midlands

The Athlete Mentors available in the East Midlands region.
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South East

The Athlete Mentors available in the South East region.
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South West

The Athlete Mentors available in the South West region.
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West Midlands

The Athlete Mentors available in the West Midlands region.
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Yorkshire and Humber

The Athlete Mentors available in the Yorkshire and Humber regions.
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