Inclusion Lead School Newsletter - May 2023


Save the date – Lead Schools Networking Event, Wednesday 28 June, 3:30-5:30pm

This networking session will bring all three Lead School networks together, followed by a session dedicated to the inclusion school network.

More information on how to sign up and the agenda for the day will be coming out soon.

We look forward to bringing you all together again and speaking to you all soon.

Evaluation of Inclusion 2024 - Mid-year report

Please view the mid-year Inclusion 2024 report (academic year) which our external evaluator Ask Research has produced. The report highlights the incredible impact the Lead Inclusion School network is having across the country in terms of upskilling and equipping the school workforce in inclusive practice, while providing quality opportunities for young people with SEND to participate and lead in inclusive sport and PE.

Through your local relationships and various approaches, over 22,000 of the school workforce have been supported through Inclusion 2024 this academic year. As a result of this there has been an increase in how knowledgeable and confident practitioners are around delivering inclusive PE and sport, whilst their creative thinking about how to adapt their PE and school sports delivery for pupils with SEND has increased.

The impact of your work has also led to more young people with SEND meeting the CMO guidelines of 60 active minutes per day. Please take time to read this and reflect on the part you play on the impact this network and Inclusion 2024 is having across the country as a collective.

Lead Inclusion School Reporting Deadline – Friday 14 July 2023

The final reporting deadline for this academic year will be Friday 14 July so please can you save the date. Links to the reporting will be sent to you in the coming weeks so you can start adding to it straight away. We look forward to receiving the data on all of the brilliant work you have all been doing this academic year. If you do have any issues with reporting, please contact Rebecca Tyers.


Young People Blogs

We are regularly updating our young people blog section where you can hear directly from young people about the impact sport and physical activity has had on their lives.

Too see all the content from this academic year so far, follow this link:

If you think you have some young people that would want to write a blog, please get in touch with Roshni Mistry.

All About Autism, All About Me E-Learning

The All About Autism, All About Me E-Learning website has recently been refreshed with a new look and some new content. To have a look at the refreshed site, please follow this link:

The course is designed to increase your knowledge of autism and some of the key considerations for making PE and sport inclusive to all young people.

We would love to hear your feedback on the refreshed pages.

Please remember to keep promoting this amazing resource to your networks and sharing the exciting news that the pages have recently been refreshed.


Disability Junior National Championships

Badminton England are delighted to announce the launch of our new Disability Junior National Championships which will take place this summer.

The Championships will raise the profile of badminton among secondary age pupils with a physical disability.

Delivered with the support of the GB Para Badminton squad and coaches, this national competition structure will engage new disabled players to provide them with their first introduction to disability competition and ultimately increase disability participation. This is part of Badminton England’s Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy, which includes increasing disability provision.

The Disability Junior National Championships are being held at the highly accessible venue, the English Institute of Sport (EIS), Sheffield on Saturday 17th June 2023.

Badminton England have developed a network of Regional Disability Coaches, one within each region, across our eight regions (North West, North East, West Midlands, East Midlands, East, South Central, London & South East, and South West) to support the delivery of the national competition through coaching and managing each regional team of players. All players will be invited to attend two regional training days to meet their Regional Disability Coach and play badminton with other players across their region.

To express an interest in getting involved in this training and to represent their region, players can complete their relevant regional form here: Disability Junior National Championships | Badminton England

Rich Morris, Head Coach of GB Para Badminton, said: “This is an idea we have to increase participation and bring the juniors of the Para badminton world together in a format where you can represent your region and go head-to-head against the rest of the country.”

For more information, please visit Disability Junior National Championships | Badminton England

Please see attached for promotional posters. As a partner that has direct access to secondary age pupils with a physical disability, Badminton England would really appreciate your support in sharing these amongst your contacts and partners.

Any questions, please contact Leanne Brown, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Manager, on [email protected]

Including young people with a Vision Impairment in PE - Monday 22nd May 3.45-4.45pm on Gmeet

Adaptive methods to include children with a Vision Impairment in mainstream PE lessons

The training will cover:

-The four main eye conditions

-The Basics

-Teaching strategies

STEP Principles –Adapting Space, Task, Equipment, Peers

Sport specific adaptions – Badminton/Tennis, Football, Rounders, Netball/Basketball, Running, Goalball

Register here for this CPD:

Flyer Attached

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