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January 2022


Happy New Year Lead Inclusion Schools. We hope you enjoyed a restful festive break and are feeling refreshed for the new term. We are looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful work you get up to in the coming weeks.


Inclusion 2024 Live Week – 07-11 February

You should have all received a pack to help us promote Inclusion 2024 Live week which will be a great week of free to access inclusion content. Please can we ask you to promote this to all of your networks as we would love everyone to have an opportunity to be part of this exciting week. If you have missed the promotional toolkit, please follow this link. If you do have any questions on this week, please contact Roshni.

Save the date: 10 February 12pm-1.30pm for Lead Inclusion School optional drop in session

We have scheduled an optional drop in session on Thursday 10 February during Inclusion 2024 Live Week. There is no obligation to attend, but we want to provide some time to connect virtually and share successes and challenges we’re having within the network. More information on this will be coming in the next few weeks.

YST Conference 2022: Advocacy Networking Event & Awards Dinner Invite

Before the Christmas break, we sent you all a free place to the YST Advocacy Networks Fringe Event and Awards Dinner which will be taking place on Wednesday 02 March 2022, the day before our Conference 2022: Inspiring Changemakers, at the Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry.

The network is invited for the Awards Dinner which is from 6.15pm-9pm.

To reserve your free place at the YST Advocacy Networks Fringe Event and Awards Dinner, please click here. The registration survey will also give you the option to register for YST Conference if you would like to attend on both days.

If you are unsure if you received this email or have any questions, please contact Roshni.


YST Team Inclusion

Last year we were lucky enough to have some internal promotions allowing us to build a fresh YST inclusion team.

Vicci Wells has successfully been appointed the Head of Sport and SEND Inclusion therefore will be stepping away from some of the inclusion work as she continues her journey in her new role. Do not worry as she will still be informed on all the brilliant work that this network produces.

With the amazing news about Vicci, it has allowed Chris Smith to now take over parts of Vicci’s role three days a week.

Furthermore, after a successful interview Roshni Mistry has been able to progress in her role at YST and will now be the Programme Officer for Inclusion, which will be similar to the role Chris used to play or Gary before him. This will mean Roshni will step away from day to day queries from the network and move to a more programme development role.

Finally to take over Roshni’s previous role we would like to welcome Theo Broom to the team who is now the project officer for Inclusion after a successful interview. Theo has moved to this role internally which means he will be working two days a week to begin with in January which will move to three days in February with the view to be fully transitioned into the team in March. With this in mind, please note that Theo may not be able to reply back to queries as quickly to begin with.

Congratulations to Vicci, Chris, Roshni and Theo. It is great to see everyone progressing within their journey at YST. Please look out for emails this month on who will be leading which areas of the inclusion offer.

Termly Reporting

We wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to complete the termly data collection at the end last term during which we understand was a challenging time. All this information provides us with evidence to send to our funders to showcase all of the great work you are all producing within your schools and county.

CPD Opportunities


Following on from the success of Special Olympics GB virtual MATP Trainings last year, we are excited to announce some new training dates for 2022. This training is free and will be delivered via the Zoom platform.

You can select one training from the following dates (please click on the date below to book):

Swimming and Autism

Lorna Crust from Majorie McClure Specialist School will be delivering a session with her colleague Alison Bell on Swimming and Autism.

Click here for more information.


Sensory Circuit Virtual CPD

Our fellow lead inclusion school colleague Iain Mills is running a Sensory Circuits virtual training session on Thursday 03 February 2022 from 3.45pm-5.15pm. This training will give you insight and practical ways to integrate sensory processing development within School and at home. To register to the interactive session, please follow this link.

WheelPower National Junior Games 2022

The WheelPower National Junior Games will be returning in 2022 and are now accepting applications from schools and parents. The deadline for entries is 20 May 2022.

Further information can be found here.

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