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December 2021


Welcome to your December newsletter for Lead Health and Wellbeing Schools. We are very conscious this has been an extremely tough term for staff and pupils alike and thank you for your continued commitment and engagement with the Boys Move and Active in Mind CPD content. We are always here for any support you need and to help where things might change for you as the strategic lead for health and wellbeing. Have a great Christmas and take care over the festive period!


Boys Move Team

You should all now have received the invite to join the Boys Move Team and allocated to your delivery group. These groups are the ones you were allocated based on your attendance at the Changemaker Events, and who is taking on the project in your designated school. If you haven’t got this information or need a recap on roles and responsibilities please drop Chris Wright an email at [email protected].

Boys Move Development Coaches

We have brought in a small team of Development Coaches for Boys Move, who have been involved in the pilot of the content and already taken positive action in their school(s). These colleagues are available to you to support you in the sessions with Kurt and Carl and in between sessions where you might need some additional support. They have all been added to the relevant delivery groups so please reach out to them through the Boys Move Team channel you are in:

  • Paul Beeson (Herne Bay High School) – Group 1
  • Jimmy McGinn (Liverpool SSP) & Adam Fuller (Forge Valley SSP) – Group 2
  • James Mooney (City of Bristol Academy) – Group 3
  • Joe Neild (Manchester Communications Academy) – Group 4.

Data Reporting

Please make sure that you have all completed the data reporting window please, even if you are reporting zero delivery for either Boys Move or Active in Mind. It makes sure we know where we are all at with delivery, that you are engaged and allow us to report any changes back to Sport England. Again, any problems you may have with this let the Team at YST know.


Active in Mind CPD

We hope that you were able to join us for the Active in Mind CPD run through with Louise Gray and Rachel MacKenzie. We appreciate that not all of you were able to join, and for those that did, this was a whistle stop tour. We have reflected on this and below are some top tips for delivery. We have also considered the technical language and detail that was shared and how some colleagues might not be comfortable with delivering this. We will be making sure the slides, training matrix and delivery style is simplified further but if there are any anxieties do let us know.

Top Tips:

  1. Take the time to digest the content before delivery, and simplify further or change any language you are not comfortable with. We are not asking you to be experts here.
  2. Use existing sessions/conferences/INSET or virtual opportunities to engage and deliver to your 5 schools.
  3. Send a link to the Active in Mind webpage ahead of delivery so colleagues can digest beforehand.
  4. Maybe tag team with a colleague so you spit the delivery between you.
  5. Create opportunities for break out discussions to check for understanding before moving on.

Please download the recording of the CPD run through here. You can also access the updated slide deck here to use when training you 5 partner schools.


Most deprived schools hit hardest by education cuts in England, IFS says - The Guardian

Cuts to education spending in England over the last decade are “effectively without precedent in post-war UK history” and have hit the most deprived schools hardest, according to analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Under-fives adversely impacted by Covid-19 pandemic, study shows - Children & Young People Now

The latest findings, released by the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) reveal the negative impact of measures such as lockdowns and the closure of services across a range of physical development domains for those children aged 0 to 5 years old.

Health warning as candy superstores gobble up the high street - The Times

American-style “candy” superstores opening across the UK are selling “single servings” of sweets that contain two and a half times the maximum amount of sugar a child should consume daily.

Meditation could replace school detention, suggests councillor - BBC

A councillor has called on schools to offer meditation classes to disruptive pupils rather than putting them in detention.

Mental health: Anxiety, depression and self-harm on rise among teens - BBC

The number of teenagers seeking help for mental health problems is increasing rapidly, according to children's charities. The BBC went to Northamptonshire to talk to young people affected and those trying to help.

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