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My Personal Best is an award winning resource that enables teachers to use PE to teach skills such as co-operation, responsibility and resilience, helping children to recognise and transfer them to other lessons, to life in school and to their wider environment.

Why My PB?

The My Personal Best Primary resource and related training supports primary teachers to plan and explicitly teach life skills and character through PE. This not only supports the personal development of all pupils in and through PE, but also makes connections to other lessons, school and wider life. It ensures the transferability of their skills.

When considering the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown, PE is the perfect subject to support your pupils transition back into school, and this resource can aid their emotional, social, and cognitive recovery.

Through My PB Primary, children aged 4-11 will:

  • Develop and apply life skills that will support them to flourish in PE, school and life
  • Improve health and wellbeing and personal skills
  • Grow understanding of working with others (social skills)
  • Create opportunities, overcome challenges and make choices (thinking skills)
  • Increase their potential achievement and readiness for life.

We decided to introduce the My Personal Best programme to the whole school as we were keen to embed the teaching of the life skills through PE and other subjects. We have found that it has already had a positive effect on their vocabulary, they are getting more daily exercise and any behaviour issues have also greatly improved.

St Finbar’s Catholic Primary School in Toxteth, Mrs Janet Conley, Headteacher

What is My PB?

Delivered through the physical, but structured around the key themes of Thinking Me, Social Me and Healthy Me, My PB supports teachers in planning how to effectively deliver teaching and learning opportunities linked to personal outcomes.

The resource includes:

  • 16 teacher and learner cards for ages 4-7
  • 27 teacher and learner cards for ages 7-11.

All cards are linked to a specific skill or character trait, appropriate to the stage of your pupils. The teacher cards provide a planning structure and some suggested activities while the learner cards support teacher and pupil assessment through self-reflection and key questioning.

Did you know?

In response to the current Covid-19 situation and the transition of pupils back into school, we have developed some free year 6 activity cards. With a focus on social connection and supporting year 6 pupils for their upcoming transition to secondary school, these cards provide activity ideas across a range of PE units, while linking to the My PB strands of Healthy Me, Thinking Me and Social Me.

Find out more here

Bringing the My PB resource to life

To best support effective implementation for whole school impact, we offer a range of CPD options which can be tailored to the needs of your school or cluster. My Personal Best Primary is also available as an embedded planning and assessment resource through Complete PE, to support high quality teaching and learning across the PE curriculum.

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Resources Details
This contains: teacher and learner cards for ages 4-7, includes 16 A4 cards collated and inserted in popper wallet, with each pack to contain an A4 double-sided leaflet; teacher and learner cards for ages 7-11, includes 27 A4 cards collated and inserted in popper wallet, with each pack to contain an A4 double-sided leaflet. This product is included within both the Plus and Premium Membership packages.
Training Details
Options: 2-hour pre-recorded webinar - £100 (member schools), £110 (non-members); 2-hour virtual training - £243 (member schools), £270 (non-members); Part day face to face practical training - £446.25 (member schools), £490.88 (non-members); 1-hour virtual workshop - £121.50 (member schools), £135 (non-members)