Move for Fun gets the thumbs up from teachers and children in Salford

Now in the second term of delivery, St Peter’s Church of England Primary School’s Move for Fun after school club is proving to be a hit with teachers and children alike.

Aimed at boys and girls aged 5-7 in years 1 to 2, the club gives children the opportunity to choose the activities they want to do every 6 weeks and the focus is on multi skill low barrier. 

During a recent visit by Viv Holt, YST International Head of Operations, she joined a session being led by headteacher Peter Wright and observed how the children were building upon previous weeks of learning to throw and catch by developing these skills into small, sided games.

‘It’s important that we in the school provide role models for the children. I believe in the importance of activity for children and like to lead by example’. (Peter Wright, Headteacher)

To encourage children to sustain their interest in physical activity, they give their feedback using a simple ‘GO concept’ which captures what they like best about the programme – for example, developing a new skill (GO Pro), making friends (GO Together) having fun (GO Fun).

 ‘I like playing the games where you go over and around with my friend’ Oscar

‘I like being on a team’ Miran

‘I can catch a ball now’ Betty

Group of children picture

There has been an interesting shift in the feedback. Initially most children wanted to develop skill (GO Pro) but more recently they have been identifying, making friends and having fun (GO Together, GO Fun).

George Stevenson the Activity Cluster Co-ordinator is particularly pleased with the school’s involvement.

‘Move for Fun helps us target and promote a healthy lifestyle for those children who generally do not succeed in other activities we offer’.

Move For Fun is a global pilot programme funded by Novo Nordisk and developed in a partnership with the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) and Danish Sports Association (DGI) together with partner organisations in pilot countries – Poland, Argentina and the UK. Youth Sport Trust International is the delivery partner for the UK. Move for Fun aims to get socially disadvantaged children aged 6 to 12 years mor physically active, enabling them to become mor self-confident, healthy and happy.

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