Well School Movement

YST Well School Movement
We want to work with schools to help shape Well Schools. The purpose of the movement is to support schools to drive improvements in wellbeing for all teachers, senior leaders and young people by placing wellbeing at the very heart of schools. It isn’t a programme, quality mark or intervention, it’s all of us coming together to drive change, share challenges and solutions and help us navigate all of the support that is already available.

Well School Consultation

In March we had to make the sad decision to postpone our face to face consultation for Well Schools. We were overwhelmed with the positive response and the high numbers of bookings this events attracted. We even had waiting list for some events.

We still remain committed to our vision to create a movement of school committed to placing Wellbeing at the heart of schools. We won’t let our social distancing stop us living out that vision. So we are proud to release our digital consultation programme.

To get involved, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Please watch our prerecorded introduction to Well Schools. This a 17-minute PowerPoint hosted by Ali Oliver (CEO), Kay Batkin (Networks Director) and Chris Wright (Head of Health and Wellbeing) from the Youth Sport Trust. It is essential you watch this presentation before continuing.

Step 2

Complete our online survey to provide feedback and ensure your voice, views and ideas are heard. The feedback consists of seven questions and all of your responses will be taken to the Education Board for Well Schools that will be made up of current headteachers and teachers from across the UK. They will use your views to help ensure Well Schools is truly created for schools and by schools and we will do everything in our power as a children’s charity to ensure this.

Complete the survey

Step 3

Still have questions? Why not join us for our live Q&A sessions. Members of the team will be ready to answer any questions. Please note we will not be going over the introduction to Well Schools during these session so please do complete step 1 before joining. Places are limited so please follow the booking instructions below to register for your preferred dates.

You can sign-up for one of the three events, each lasting for one hour, below:


Why do we need Well Schools?

  • 57% of education professionals have considered leaving the sector over the past two years (Education Support Teacher Wellbeing Index 2019)

We can’t keep losing talented people and we need teachers to be at their best for themselves and for the young people they look after. Developing a Well Led school will aim to put the wellbeing of teachers and senior leaders at the top of the agenda.

  • 47% of jobs will disappear in the next 25 years (Oxford University)
  • 44% of employers feel young people leaving school, college or university are not adequately prepared (CBI June 2019)

Are current curriculums preparing young people for this? How can we work together to ensure all young people are Well Equipped with the skills they need for their future?

  • The UK’s children’s life satisfaction has declined faster in the last three years than in any other country (PISA REPORT 2018)

We can’t make the pressures of life disappear (even if we wish we could), but how can we work together to ensure our young people are Well Prepared to take their place in the world as well-rounded citizens?

That is why together we need to support Well Schools.

In the meantime, you can also keep the conversation live and complete our teacher survey.

So far 80% of teachers and senior leaders have told us that Happiness and Wellbeing are the most important things a young person should leave school with.

Do you agree? Let us know what you think and join the conversation however you can.

Start the survey

Developing a Well School will be more important than ever over the next few months. We are here and ready to help schools. The issues are too great, the burden is too heavy for anyone to carry alone. Let’s all work together.