Sources of funding support

As a National Children’s Charity we rely on grants and donations to enable us to deliver our mission. Therefore we are not able to offer any grants to directly fund individuals, schools or community groups. Listed below are some of the main organisations and places providing information about funding opportunities.

Funding for Schools:

Funding for Individuals:

  • National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs): Some offer small grants for young sports people. Find the NGB for your sport here.
  • Sports Aid Foundation
  • Active Partnerships: Some Active Partnerships allocate small grants for talented sports people. Find your local Active Partnership here.
  • Family Fund - Grants for families raising a disabled or seriously ill child.

Funding for Coaches:

Funding for community groups:

  • Active Partnerships - some partnerships provide grants or funding advice for community groups. Find your local Active Partnership here.
  • Funding Central - this is a free resource for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. It lists thousands of funding and finance opportunities, plus a wealth of tools and information to support and develop a sustainable income strategy. Find out more here.
  • The National Lottery Community Fund - responsible for distributing money raised for good causes by the National Lottery. This totals around £6 billion since 2004. Find out more here.
  • The People’s Postcode Lottery - offers funding of between £500 and £250,000 for good causes in England, Scotland and Wales. Find out more here.
  • Comic Relief - funds work that aims to achieve at least one of its five themes – better futures, healthier finances, safer lives, stronger communities, fairer society. Find out more here.
  • UKCF - this is the umbrella organisation for all community foundations, providing philanthropic advice to clients and delivering UK-wide grant-making programmes. Find out more here.
  • Major banks - all have charitable foundations that fund local and national charities. One example is the LloydsTSB Foundation, which supports organisations that are working to tackle disadvantage across England and Wales. Find out more here.
  • Crowdfunding - a system in which an organisation makes a pitch and, hopefully, people become interested and enthused enough to make a financial pledge but this is only redeemed if the total is achieved. It probably works best for fairly small (capital) projects eg up to £25,000. Find out more here.
  • Sport England - have a main funding page with details of their specific funds and processes. Find out more here. They also have an extensive page on other ways to generate funding.
  • Street Games - have an extensive guidance on sources of grants and support with fundraising. Find out more here.

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