TOP Play Resource Cards

A set of resource cards to build and develop children’s movement foundation through a variety of fun activities.



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TOP Play builds and develops children's movement foundation through activities that focus on fundamental movements. This approach concentrates on the development of locomotion, object control and stability, which builds on the framework of the Bupa Start to Move and Smart Start Club programmes. The approach also helps children develop their wider skills, values and abilities in the creative, cognitive, social, physical and personal.

Activities included within this pack:
High roller, Able to be stable, Balls and Beanies, Close control, Handy ball, Cool catcher , Hit the target, Jumping jacks, Magic mover, On the go, Rackets bats and splats, Rock and roll, Smooth mover, Step it out, Super stable shaper, Supper stepper giant jumper, Sweet feet, Team thrower and a Multi-skill festival pack which includes 12 fun multi-skill activities.