Leadership Interventions in Wales

A number of research activities were conducted throughout the year to gain a comprehensive understanding of the leadership interventions running in Wales. This report summarises the findings from these research activities.

This year’s Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering (LCV) programme began strongly and saw the delivery of high impact Coaching Academies across the country. Lead staff demonstrated the impact of drawing on their local networks in order to target new schools not previously involved and in order to deliver high impact events for Young Activators.

Those girls able to commence delivery in schools revealed appetite and motivation which extended into the summer term and the lockdown period. Where invited to do so, Young Coaches/Activators continued to act as ‘virtual’ positive role models for their peers and to support their school or County’s online engagement with the wider community.

The positive response to leadership that Young Coaches/Activators have shown at each training event, back at their schools and more recently during lockdown, reveal extensive appetite to continue to support their peers. Girls’ continued motivation during the Summer term suggests that they understand the positive impact of activation on their peers’ mental health, well-being and sense of community. This may be worth leveraging further early in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Leadership Interventions in Wales

Here you can find the full report.

Published on 20 July 2020