Inclusion 2024 - Year 2

Inclusion 2024 aims to increase and improve opportunities for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to engage and participate in physical education and school sport.

Delivery and achievements for the 2022/23 academic year

The main findings for this year can be summarised as:

  • The programme has involved over 28,000 interactions with members of the school workforce during 2022/23 academic year through training, networking, practice modelling, and information-sharing activities.
  • Beneficiaries see a range of impacts on their practice from taking part in the programme and the vast majority would recommend colleagues take part.
  • As a result of taking part, most beneficiaries have seen positive changes in how they approach the delivery of PESS to those with SEND.
  • Pupils are also now achieving more active minutes. During the 2022/23 academic year, almost half of pupils with SEND were achieving 60 active minutes a day, and seven out of ten were achieving 30 minutes.
  • However, beneficiaries face a range of barriers to more effective and widespread PESS delivery for those with SEND which lie outside of the scope of the programme.

Activities and beneficiaries. Delivery: 457 CPD events run, 1586 schools given advice, training and guidance on inclusive PESS, 3892 school staff trained. Networking: 661 events and meetings attended, 3306 members of the school workforce advised about inclusive practice. Modelling: 450 events for young people run, 4222 members of the school workforce have seen inclusive practice modelled. Information sharing: 16679 members of school workforce informed about inclusive practice.

Impact of contact with LIS on school staff. 1: More supported in delivering inclusive PE and school sports. 75% feel their LIS had helped a lot with this. 2: More informed about best practice. 70% feel that their LIS had helped a lot with this. 3: More creative thinking about how to adapt PE/school sports for pupils with SEND. 61% said their LIS had helped a lot with this. 4: Increased staff knowledge around inclusive PE and school sports delivery. 66% said their LIS had helped a lot with this. 5: Increased confidence to deliver inclusive PE and school sports. 57% said their LIS had helped a lot with this.

A final Year 3 Report will be produced in July 2024.

Inclusion 2024 - Year 2 Report

Here you can download the full report.

Published on 27 October 2023