Girls Active - Primary

This report summarises responses to the Girls Active Stepping Up for Change Quiz that girls completed in March 2020.

Overall, 4065 responses were received from female pupils across 65 schools. No responses from male pupils are included in this report. Responses received from boys are presented in a separate report.

Some key findings: 

  • Girls were most likely to say that they were active most days (39%), and that they did more than 60 minutes of activity some days (35%).
  • Overall, girls were most positive about being active (96% love it/like it), followed by PE (91% love it/like it), then sports day (81% love it/like it).
  • Girls were most likely to say that they enjoyed the following aspect of being active in school: Having fun (88%); Being with friends (83%), and; Feeling happy (77%). 1% said that they didn't enjoy any aspect of being active in school.

Girls Active - Primary

Here you can download the full report.

Published on 1 March 2020