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Birmingham Connect

‘Birmingham Connect’ will use the power of sport, and excitement of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) Birmingham 2022, to promote social integration of young people aged 12-14 years in Birmingham. Pairing schools across Birmingham will encourage meaningful social mixing to improve attitudes and perceptions held of people from different backgrounds; driven by young people who will catalyse change.


YST in partnership with Team England and local delivery partners want to engage schools and young people to encourage a local identity and sense of belonging across Birmingham; focus on what people have in common; build understanding and mutual trust; change perceptions, attitudes and behaviours; focus on integration, inclusion, and interaction; and ensure participating children and young people, teachers and families have fun trying different sporting and cultural activity. We believe this will drive significant positive change on the longer-term integration of schools and communities across the city – resulting in a legacy of learning, participation, connection, and pride.
The Reach
  • 20 schools recruited in Birmingham
  • 10 ‘twinned’ pairs selected by differences in ethnic diversity, disability, and disadvantage
  • 100 young people recruited and trained as Connectors (social integration ambassadors)
  • 40 teachers trained to support Connectors
  • 20 school-led Connect-WITH events engaging 1600 young people in meaningful social mixing – through sport, art and cultural events - watch highlights of our taster event here
  • 1 Connect-All event to reach 500+ friends and family of 100 Connectors in meaningful social mixing – through sport, art, and cultural events.
For further information, please contact:
Yaegan Gore
Youth and Community Coordinator
[email protected]
07825 065203