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Generation Charnwood

Generation Charnwood is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. A free program for those in the greatest need designed to inspire year five and six pupils in Primary Schools, to Secondary and Specialist School pupils in Charnwood to equip them with the relevant life skills, resilience, and improved wellbeing to be work ready.


Our goal is to achieve a workforce for the future, with improved access to physical activity, sporting and leadership opportunities to those who maybe disadvantaged in some way, to overcome the immediate impact of Covid-19. The students involved in this program may have poor mental wellbeing, disconnected and facing increasing inequality through cost-of-living challenges.

We want to reclaim play and sport at the heart of every school in Charnwood and make it fun for everyone. Wellbeing is key, with Physical, Mental and Social health at the heart of our program, we know happy, confident, healthy individuals who are treated with an empathetic response increase mood, become engaged and can increase their brain function. We are working with local partners to insure inclusion and a trauma informed response in our work. We are creating new opportunities for Charnwood’s young people to learn life skills particularly those in the greatest need.

We also have our annual Generation Charnwood Employability conference to connect to local partners for targeted pupils in February 2024 and 2025.

If you have any questions on the programme please contact the programme manager below:

Tracey Liot - [email protected]