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Generation Charnwood

Generation Charnwood is a free-to-access programme for primary and secondary schools in the Leicestershire borough of Charnwood. It is aimed at supporting teachers to equip pupils with the relevant life skills, resilience, and improved wellbeing to help them be ready for the world of work in the future. The programme is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and is delivered jointly by Youth Sport Trust and Active Together.


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What’s involved:
Primary schools will receive free teacher training, and associated resources to enable staff to support the delivery of the Generation Charnwood programme. The training will focus on embedding the teaching of life skills through PE – allowing all pupils to engage with life skill development through their PE curriculum. Further support will be provided through targeted enrichment clubs for those pupils most in need and this will include six weeks of support from Loughborough university students. Primary schools should think about running this with their year 5 and 6 pupils.

Secondary schools will receive a range of free virtual and face-to-face teacher training based on the My Personal Best model. This training also focusses on the teaching of life skills through the PE curriculum. In addition, secondary schools will be able to select several pupils to be part of a targeted mentoring programme which will see pupils working with an athlete mentor for six weeks to further develop their confidence and resilience. A group of pupils will also be given the opportunity to deploy the skills they’ve learnt into local community social action projects alongside. Finally, secondary schools will also be invited to our annual employability conference which will provide support and guidance to pupils on their options for future employment.

All participating schools will also have access to a range of wider support from Youth Sport Trust and Active Together and the opportunity to build relationships with local partners.

As well as these opportunities for schools, the programme also works with local employers to provide short work placements for young people not in education, employment or training. Schools can also engage with the project if they are interested in providing one of these work placements.

Outcomes: Schools will see an increased level of confidence and resilience amongst pupils on the programme. Pupils will have an increased number of opportunities to participate in community activities and have improved career aspirations through new opportunities with partners in Charnwood. We will work with you to deliver engaging life skills lessons through the PE curriculum. Schools will also have an increased opportunity to engage with other local schools and the local community.

For your school to take part in this programme you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Primary (Year 5-6) or Secondary school
  • Based in Charnwood, Leicestershire, England

Duration: This programme runs until July 2025. The deadline for applications is 31 July 2024.

Find out more: about Generation Charnwood by speaking to the programme manager, Claire Smith, at [email protected]. If you’re not eligible for this programme, but would like to discuss your options, please also contact Claire about this.

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