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October 2021


It’s been a great couple of weeks catching up with you all face to face at the Connecting Changemakers Conferences. The discussions and sharing that took place demonstrated that Lead Inclusion Schools are key Changemakers within our school sport network and having a significant impact on young people across the county. 

It was great to spend some time exploring and unpacking what makes this network exceptional. We have combined all the key examples that you took away from your discussions and there is information below on how you can access this. There are some real gems in there, and it would be great to explore these a little further in the future. Also Included in the follow up information from the conferences is a video link that Vicci has put together summarising Inclusion 2024. 

There are some updates below on TOPS Sportsability and the Inclusive Health Check, and some information on Whole School SEND who joined us at a couple of our conferences.

Happy reading everyone and we look forward to catching up with you soon.


Connecting Changemakers conference follow up

Connecting changemakers mindmap

Following on from the Connecting Changemakers conferences, we have set up a OneDrive folder here where you will be able to access the following:

  • The slides from the day
  • A summary of the Exceptional Practice networking/sharing sessions
  • Updated Inclusion CPD and Virtual Top Tips

In case you didn’t attend, click here for a video summarising the key points of Inclusion 2024.

Save the date

Could you all please save the afternoon/evening of the 02 March 2021 (the day before the YST Conference) if possible as we are hoping to bring the Lead Schools network together for a networking dinner. More details to follow.

Inclusive Live week

A free week of virtual CPD will be available to you and all schools across the country between 07-11 February. This will include recorded and live sessions all discussing inclusive PE and school sport.


TOP Sportsability

As discussed at the Changemaker Conferences, Top Sportsability now sits within the Youth Sport Trust website here. We have re-designed the training package especially for the YST Lead Inclusion School network, empowering you share Top Sportability and utilise it across your areas and networks.

Inclusive Health Check

This has had a slight delay but will be live by half term and can be accessed through the School Games dashboard Call to action is to promote far and wide to get as many as possible from the wider network to complete.

Termly reporting questions

This year’s termly reporting questions are on the OneDrive here for you to review.


Whole School SEND CPD offer

We were lucky enough for Whole School SEND to join us at a couple of the Connecting Changemakers Conferences. As discussed, a lot of their work aligns closely with the Lead Inclusion School network, and I know many of you were interested in connecting with your regional reps. They also have a comprehensive CPD offer which we can signpost schools and practitioners to. Here are some useful links and contacts:

National Governance Association

Please follow this link to the NGA Guide to PE and School Sport which has been produced in collaboration with YST. This guide is intended to support discussions between governing boards and school leaders about:

  1. Making physical education (PE) a fundamental part of a curriculum that supports the educational vision for their school or trust
  2. How governing boards can influence and support the planning and delivery of PE as well as physical activity and sport and monitor the impact

Bright Ideas for Tennis

Bright Ideas for Tennis are a charity that provides FREE tennis sessions for SEN school pupils.

Would you like to add tennis to your weekly school timetable?

We have the venues, coaches, equipment and volunteers.

We just need your enthusiasm…

We are particularly looking for partnerships in the following areas - Sevenoaks, Oxford, Hindhead, Wrekin, St Albans, Bristol, Marlborough, Harrow, Sunningdale, and Eastbourne.

Please visit or contact Danny on 07986 880518 for more info.

Sharing Practice

Rob Belbin has shared with us his county plan for the Lead Inclusion school work across Dorset which has been developed collaboratively with partners. You can find the template here, and this is a great template for others to potentially use to develop something similar.  The plan represents the breadth of work Lead Inclusion Schools are involved in, whilst aligning and connecting the role to other work streams including the School Games and FA Girls Partnerships programmes.

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