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July 2022


Termly Data Collection

Before you close for the summer, we ask everyone to please spend ten minutes completing the data collection survey and the form for Active in Mind CPD and Boys Move CPD. The data has been pre-populated with what was previously submitted, so if there is no change, please simply confirm this or add to those numbers with what was delivered over the summer term.

We need to get this data into final reporting and help shape these approaches next year. If you should have any problems, please contact Anesia at [email protected].


2012 Olympic Games did not boost grassroots sports ‘as hoped’, says NAO – Independent

The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games did not boost participation in grassroots sports as was “hoped for at the time”, according to the National Audit Office (NAO).

Children too anxious to attend school being failed by English councils – report – The Guardian

Ombudsman says children are going months and even years without proper alternative education.

Born in Bradford: Child research project extended to other cities – BBC

A long-running study tracking the health of thousands of children in Bradford has been extended to three neighbouring cities.

Child obesity is a form of abuse, fitness guru claims – Independent

Obesity in children should be treated as a form of child abuse, the founder of a global gym business has said.

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