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January 2022


We hope that your experience of Boys Move CPD is a positive one and helps you to make changes within your PE and sport provision and engage a group of young people that need your support right now. With the decline in boys’ physical activity during Covid, they now need something positive more than ever. We also hope you have managed to get your Active in Mind CPD booked in. Remember we are here to help with any challenges you may have but please also share the successes as well.


Boys Move MS Team

It is great to see you all engaging with the Boys Move CPD sessions with Kurt and Carl and the feedback we are getting on the positive effect this is having on your practice and on the initial engagement of your target groups. When you get a moment, please take the time to share some quick wins or challenges you have observed as you start to get your Boys Move project in place. You have all been registered for the Boys Move Team and allocated to the relevant group channel and you can find the Team HERE.

Active in Mind CPD

If you haven’t already watched the recording of the training for Active in Mind CPD, or have received the resources and training matrix for delivery, please get in touch with us here at either [email protected] for delivery and content or [email protected] for everything to do with recording links and electronic resources.


Boys Move Development Coaches

We have an exciting development within the Boys Move programme, with the recruitment of five Development Coaches from the network who are here to support you. These five colleagues were all involved in the Boys Move CPD pilot and have experienced the challenges and successes to getting Boys Move happening in their school. If you have any requirements around getting your project started, catching up on missed sessions, support needed around influencing internally or anything else you want support with; then reach out to the people below through the Boys Move Teams channel for your group:

  • Group 1 – Paul Beeson (Herne Bay)
  • Group 2 – Adam Fuller (Forge Valley) or Jimmy McGinn (Liverpool)
  • Group 3 – James Mooney (City of Bristol)
  • Group 4 – Joe Neild (Manchester Communications Academy)


The fears of five-year-olds: how young children cope with Covid anxiety – The Guardian

Older children had exams cancelled and their futures thrown into doubt. But what has been the toll on primary pupils who began school during the pandemic?

Does your school need a staff social sport? - TES

It's often a struggle for teachers to find the time to exercise. But what if it could fit into your school day? Nathan Burns explains.

Youth Sport Trust warns of a generational crisis in physical activity levels - BBC Radio 4 Today (13 mins in when available)

Dan Roan reports on the House of Lords new report on a national plan for sport, health and wellbeing and Sport England's new data.

Calls for PE upgrade in schools to tackle crisis of inactivity - Daily Telegraph (attached, please do not circulate)

Physical education should sit alongside English and maths as a core national curriculum subject to tackle a “generational crisis” in physical inactivity, says a new parliamentary report.

Black children ‘least likely’ to be active, says Sport England - The Guardian (also attached, please do not circulate)

Black children are the least likely to be physically active, according to Sport England , which found the pandemic still has a negative effect on children’s engagement with sport and physical activity.

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