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16 Mar 2020

Episode 12 - Jon Smedley

In this episode we speak to Jon Smedley, a former primary school teacher who has since become the co-founder of Teach Active, helping schools deliver maths and English through physical activity.

02 Mar 2020

Episode 11 - YST Conference Special

In this episode we go behind the scenes at YST's 25th Anniversary Conference. Guest hosted by members of our Youth Board, we hear from a range of the event's headline speakers, including Terence Mauri, Ed Kirwan, Rachel Musson, Professor Rosie Meek, Andy Burnham and Will Bayley.

17 Feb 2020

Episode 10 - Ed Kirwan

In this episode we speak to Ed Kirwan, a former science teacher who has since become the founder of Empathy Week.

03 Feb 2020

Episode 9 - LGBT+ in PE and Sport

In this episode we host a roundtable discussion featuring Jamie Hooper, Leo West and Lisa Vine, who talk about their experiences of LGBT people in PE and sport. This coincides with LGBT History Month which started on Saturday 01 February. Apologies for the slight sound issues during the introductions.

20 Jan 2020

Episode 8 - Marie Hunter

In this episode we talk to Headteacher Ambassador Marie Hunter about how an English teacher became a self-confessed PE and school sport fanatic. Whether you're a student teacher, somebody already in teaching, or a coach, this is one not to miss.

09 Dec 2019

Episode 7 - Emily Reynolds

In this episode we talk to YST's recently appointed National Programmes Director Emily Reynolds around the subjects of play, sport for all and leadership. We also touch on the recent #ReframeCompetition campaign.

25 Nov 2019

Episode 6 - Phil Neville, Baroness Sue Campbell, Faye White, Rachel Unitt

In this three-part episode we speak to former England Lionesses Faye White and Rachel Unitt about this year's Women's World Cup (starts 1:05), we hear from Team YST about the Shooting Stars programme and girls' football in schools (starts 20:17), plus listen to our exclusive interview with Baroness Sue Campbell and Phil Neville to get a peak into what the future holds for women's football (starts 55:20).

11 Nov 2019

Episode 5 - Andy Grant

In this episode we talk to the inspirational Andy Grant (@AndyGbootneck) about the impact of sport on his life. The former Royal Marine, who was injured in Afghanistan, now travels the world as a motivational speaker to help inspire people to get active.

28 Oct 2019

Episode 4 - Kurt Lindley, Ali Goodall, Clare Daniels

In this episode we go behind the scenes at a recent Youth Sport Trust Learning Academy event - all around the topic of developing yourself and developing others. We speak to learning and development specialist Kurt Lindley (@CoachDeveloper), YST's Ali Goodall and the FA's National Development Manager Clare Daniels (@ClareCvj).

14 Oct 2019

Episode 3 - Will Roberts

In this episode we talk to YST Chief Operating Officer Will Roberts about the pros and cons of e-sports, whether there is a place for it in the sporting landscape and the potential impact of gaming on young people.

30 Sep 2019

Episode 2 - John Rowlands

In this episode we hear from John Rowlands, Principal of Manchester Communication Academy, who discusses staff and pupil wellbeing and the big mistake he made when it came to Maths.

16 Sep 2019

Episode 1 - Ali Oliver

In this episode we talk to YST Chief Executive Ali Oliver about her journey to the top, the importance of Team YOU and what a world that doesn't need the YST looks like.