Meeting Shadow Minister for Sport Stephanie Peacock

Youth Sport Trust CEO Ali Oliver MBE met with Stephanie Peacock MP, Shadow Sports Minster, alongside other members of the National Sector Partners Group.

Following the meeting, the group released the statement below:

On Tuesday 16th January Shadow Sport Minister Stephanie Peacock MP met with the sport, recreation and physical activity’s representative organisations to discuss how Labour can harness the impact of sport, recreation and physical activity to create a happier, healthier and more prosperous nation in the event of a change of Government.

Our sector has the power to change lives and help address key priorities relieving NHS pressures, breaking down barriers to opportunity, strengthening local communities and boosting economic growth.

By offering opportunities to be active across our communities and schools, our sector already saves the NHS £9.5bn through preventing illness and generates £85bn by boosting wellbeing, empowering communities and generating economic activity. But a third of people living in the UK remain inactive and already stark inequalities are widening.

A radical shift in how we look at improving the health, wellbeing and prosperity of the nation must be at the heart of any future Government’s plans, and the role of sport, recreation and physical activity is integral to this. We must make it easier for people to play, move and be active in any way they choose by ensuring sport, recreation and physical activity is accessible and affordable for everyone. This must be based on a cross-governmental approach, given the potential of grassroots sport and physical activity to provide national solutions in so many of the Government’s priority areas and responsibilities.

Our country needs impactful solutions to rapidly support its renewal. The sector is committed to play its fullest role, but it requires leaders to have the ambition to unlock its potential. We welcome the engagement from the Shadow Sport Minister and we look forward to working with her and the rest of the shadow Labour team on their plans for our sector.

About the National Sector Partners Group

This statement is issued on behalf of a coalition of lead representative bodies from across the sport, recreation and physical activity sectors:

  • Active Partnerships
  • Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA)
  • Local Government Association (LGA)
  • Sport for Development Coalition
  • Sport and Recreation Alliance
  • ukactive
  • Youth Sport Trust

Through our collaborative work as sector partners, we aim to engage decision makers to improve the operating landscape for the sector and embed sport, recreation and physical activity as a key contributor to wider public policy objectives.

Published on 25 January 2024