Summer 2023 - Time for a Youth Takeover

This summer, the Youth Sport Trust is handing over the reins to young people across the UK, so they can tell us their thoughts on what needs to change so that every young person can find a place to belong in sport.

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06 Mar 2023

Developing belonging in PE, sport and physical activity for all girls

The theme for the International Women’s Day 2023 campaign is ‘Embracing Equity’. The aim of the campaign is to get the world talking about why equal opportunities aren't enough.


28 Feb 2023

Closing the gap

Enjoyment. It’s what most of us in the sport, physical activity and PE world first think of when it comes to taking part in sport. After all, if we don’t enjoy it, what’s the point? Sadly, that isn’t the case for everyone.


12 Jan 2023

Inclusion 2024: Live Blog

Follow the journeys of young people being supported through the Inclusion 2024 programme and hear how it is helping more young people with SEND to access PE, play and sport.


22 Nov 2022

Can we stem the mental health tide during a cost-of-living crisis?

Chris Wright, Head of Health & Wellbeing at children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust, writes about why we need prevention, not cure amid the cost-of-living crisis on World Mental Health Day.


14 Nov 2022

Putting the voices of young people at the heart of sport & play

Alison Goodall, Senior Innovations Manager at the Youth Sport Trust, discusses the importance of youth voice, and how it can help shape young people’s childhood experiences and wellbeing.


03 Nov 2022

What are the barriers stopping kids in alternative provision from being active?

As the Youth Sport Trust joins with Leeds Beckett University in releasing first of its kind research, Vicci Wells explores the barriers young people in alternative provision face to getting active.


18 Oct 2022

Keeping young people with SEND active during the cost of living crisis

Vicci Wells, Head of Sport at the Youth Sport Trust, Trustee of a large Multi Academy, and a parent, blogs about the role schools can play to keep young people with SEND moving during the cost-of-living crisis.


11 Oct 2022

Getting it right for girls

On the tenth year of International Day of the Girl, girls across the world are coming together to make their voices heard.


06 Oct 2022

How schools can play a vital role to ensure equal access to extracurricular sport for all young people

Vicci Wells, Head of Sport at the Youth Sport Trust, Trustee of a large Multi Academy, and a parent, blogs about the role schools can play to keep young people moving in extracurricular sport during the cost of living crisis.


06 Oct 2022

How to use school sport and PE funding to help young people who need it most

Emma Mackenzie-Hogg, Development Manager for primary education at the Youth Sport Trust, blogs about the importance of the Primary PE and Sport Premium in helping schools to ensure there is a universal access to sport, PE and play for every child in tough financial times.


07 Jun 2022

Let's celebrate our volunteers - Volunteers' Week 2022

As we conclude Volunteers' Week 2022, let's celebrate youth voice and leadership by hearing how YST volunteers have increased confidence, participation and their sense of belonging through sport.


06 Jun 2022

How sport can create a sense of belonging and inclusion

To coincide with UK Coaching Week, Josh (23) from the ADHD Foundation, shares his experiences of being neurodiverse and the impact participating in sport has had on his sense of belonging.