Lead Schools

A national movement of schools that drive individual and whole school improvement through three different specialist areas that support our mission at the Youth Sport Trust.
Lead Schools
Health and Wellbeing Lead Schools

Health and Wellbeing Lead Schools are beacons of best practice working across their school, with other local schools and partners across their Local Authority to develop innovative approaches to address physical activity participation and in turn, improve health and wellbeing outcomes of young people. They achieve this by maximising the use of high quality physical education, physical activity and sport to improve outcomes in health, wellbeing and achievement. The work of these schools reflects and builds on the emerging evidence of the relationship that active learners are healthier learners and in turn more effective learners. 

To find out more about Health and Wellbeing Lead Schools please contact:

Anesia Wylie
Project Officer - Wellbeing
01509 226662

Inclusion Lead Schools

A network of 60 YST lead Inclusion Schools from across England have been established, each selected for their recognised expertise in engaging young people with Special Educational Needs/Disability (SEND) to participate, compete and lead through PE and School Sport.

They are inclusion champions and are visionaries for what high quality, meaningful and inclusive PE and school sport should look like for every child. They work to empower teachers to be more inclusive in their practice, provide meaningful competition and competition pathways for young people, raising their aspirations and providing inclusive leadership opportunities.

To find out more about Inclusion Lead Schools please contact:

Gary Grieve
Project Officer - Inclusion and diversity
01509 226645

LCV Lead Schools

Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering (LCV) lead schools work in partnership with schools and other organisations in their county to develop inclusive pathways for young people to progress as leaders, coaches, officials and volunteers. All LCV schools are provided with national networking opportunities and given the opportunity to trial new and innovative content and delivery approaches. Exclusive development opportunities are offered to LCV schools to drive leadership and coaching forward across the country and to meet the needs of the young people locally. 

To find out more about LCV Lead Schools please contact:

Izzy Perry
Project Officer - Sport
01509 226315