PE Life Skills Award FAQs

Recognise and reward students for the development of life skills in and through PE

Is there a limit on the number of pupils who can complete the award?
There is no limit on the number of pupils within your school that can complete the award.

How long does it roughly take for the students to complete it?
There is no time frame to complete. This is very dependent on the pupils. It may take some pupils one year to complete a stage, others it may take longer. It is important that you only sign off completion when the supporting evidence reflects the embedding of that life skill at the appropriate stage as laid out in the criteria and award framework.

What sort of activities do they complete, or does it run alongside their normal PE lessons?
The award will be competed in normal planned and progressive PE lessons ensuring there is an explicit focus on the life skill aspect. To complete the award pupils must demonstrate and evidence progress in two learning environments, one must be PE, the other can be physical activity (breaks and lunch time structured play), extra-curricular, school sport (intra and/or inter) and community.

When does the introductory price end?
The introductory price will be for pioneer schools that register their school for the PE Life Skills Award (PELSA) by 31 December 2021. The licence will last until 31 July, 2022.

Can the programme be delivered to 16-19 year olds and, if so, still be accredited?
Yes, it can be delivered to pupils of all ages. Teachers would select the stage at which to enter pupils. A stage 5 of the award will be ready in January.

Would there have to be additional time allocated for PE
No additional time is needed in PE in order to complete the award.

How will the evidence be collected? 
The PELSA comes with a printable Learning Journal for each stage. This can be used to collate evidence of life skills learning. If a pupil requires an alternative to written evidence, the Learning Journal can be used as a prompt that the pupil can then use an alternative method to evidence the learning e.g. verbal, scribed, create a video, draw etc.

How does the assessment tool work?
The PELSA has been developed to be embedded into PE and school sport delivery. The tool provides an achievement framework that identifies key life skills through the four domains of PE and school sport and provides the pupil with a Learning Journal to record their life skills development through PE and school sport.

Can we select specific groups to complete this project with e.g. not a whole cohort?
Yes. You can deliver PELSA with whichever cohort within your school you feel would benefit the most. The accredited award has been differentiated into stages so that you can find the appropriate stage for your cohort.

Does the PE assessment framework currently in place affect the success of this project?
No, you can continue to assess using your existing framework, if our existing framework does not consider and take account of holistic development, this must be added in.

We are keen to do this but are a middle school so we have primary and secondary. How much would this be for us? 
It would be costed at the secondary school rate and you will have access to all four stages to ensure it is appropriate for all your pupils.

When the 14-16 programme is launched, will it carry any weight at GCSE level
No. This is an accredited award that demonstrates the learning of life skills through PE and school sport. It complements the delivery of the national curriculum and can be used to evidence the development of skills for the personal development aspect of Ofsted and the Gatsby Benchmarks. GCSEs are a full 120 guided learning hours qualification so could not be seen as an equivalent.

How is PELSA assessed?
Demonstrating the achievement of life skills will be documented through the Learning Journal or by gathering evidence through alternative methods (please see How would the evidence be collected and evidenced to achieve the award? for more information on evidence collection). The teacher completes the pupil report form to confirm achievement and if the required demonstration of life skills has been met, the pupil can be certificated.

Can the award support e.g. college applications or attract UCAS points?
This is an accredited award not a qualification at Level 3 and therefore cannot be assigned UCAS points. However, by completing the PELSA at Stage 4 a pupil has an opportunity to demonstrate the practical use of life skills which can be recorded as part of their personal statement.

What paperwork is required?
All the paperwork is available through the PELSA resources site which will be available to schools upon registration. As a minimum, evidence of demonstration of life skills through a Learning Journal or suitable alternative (please see How would the evidence be collected and evidenced to achieve the award? for more information on evidence collection) and a pupil report form will be required to award the appropriate accredited award certificate. The school will also need to be approved as an accredited deliverer. For this approval to happen, the school will need to attend an approval webinar and complete a centre standard form following registration. For the certificate templates to be released to the school, they must also complete a ‘standards review process’ and declare the number of pupils completed. The whole process is explained through the training we have provided for PELSA schools.

Can I use PELSA in Scotland and Wales?
Yes, the PELSA framework and accreditation can be used across the UK.

Are all resources online or physical?
All resources are online and printable.

Would you suggest using this as a separate Sports Leaders type unit of work or is it meant to be embedded throughout the normal curriculum?
This should be used to evidence the life skills development that has been embedded throughout the curriculum. A separate delivery unit is not required. If delivering sports leadership, this is an ideal opportunity to evidence the PELSA through sports leadership curriculum too.

Can achievement be recorded digitally or does it have to be paper based?
Currently, all recording of achievements is paper based. This is an area that will be reviewed with the pioneer schools.

How are we evaluating the impact?
Focus groups will be set up with pioneer schools who will meet half termly to discuss impact.

Is the training in the assessment a pre-record or is this training live?
The initial training will be via live webinar. This will be reviewed with the pioneer centres to decide the best approach for the future.



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