SEND PE Activities

PE resources to support in-school and remote learning for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) or those attending Alternative Provision schools.

Free Resource


All of the activities below are specifically designed for special schools.

Download and share the activity cards by clicking the download button above. You can also access the video by selecting the video link next to each activity.



  • Fine Finger Manipulation     (Video)
  • Grasp and Release     (Video)
  • Maintenance of grasp     (Video)


  • Lying on the ground     (Video)
  • Seated     (Video)


  • Commando Crawling     (Video)
  • Rolling     (Video)
  • Stepping on different surfaces     (Video)
  • Stepping on and over objects     (Video)


  • Table-top activities 1     (Video)
  • Table-top activities 2     (Video)
  • Using upper body     (Video)

Further Support

The 'My Personal Best' PDFs on the right-hand side are designed specifically for Alternative Provision settings.

We have also developed a flyer that brings together over 90 free activities for children and young people with SEND, created by YST and our amazing network of Lead Inclusion Schools.