Athlete Mentor visits

YST Athlete Mentor Visits
Athlete Mentor visits use elite athletes as a vehicle to transform the aspirations of young people.
Athlete Mentor visits

Using the power of world class athletes can help to tackle declining emotional wellbeing and resilience in young people and improve behaviour.

The visits can be used to engage young people, parents or for staff training days to inspire the workforce. The athlete mentors can deliver bespoke interventions through assemblies, workshops and master classes to support a range of whole school outcomes. These include mentoring a specific pupil group, delivering motivational speeches, awards ceremonies or sports days.

For the first time, in addition to targeted sessions with young people, our Athlete Mentors can also deliver a range of talks, seminars or workshops to support teacher CPD, Governors and parents and In-Service Training Days that cover:

  • Surviving stress and thriving under pressure
  • Nurturing aspiration
  • Leadership and team spirit
  • Mentoring.

YST Premium Membership includes the option of a full day athlete mentor workshop.

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Part-day workshop Details
A part-day workshop will last between one and three hours.
Full day workshop Details
A full day workshop will last between four and six hours.