Athlete Mentor visits

YST Athlete Mentor Visits
Athlete Mentor visits use elite athletes as a vehicle to transform the aspirations of young people.

Since 2003 the Youth Sport Trust has been pioneering the effective and inspirational use of elite athletes in schools. Our team of Athlete Mentors, which includes a host of Olympic, Paralympic, World Championship and Commonwealth medallists, have a wealth of experience providing inspiration through the sharing of their journey and personal stories of struggle and success.

Our world class athletes can help to tackle declining emotional wellbeing and resilience in young people and attitudes to learning.

How it works

The athletes can visit your school to deliver assemblies, workshops and masterclasses working with targeted pupil groups. They can also deliver motivational speeches, host awards ceremonies, events, sports days or provide a taster of a YST Athlete Mentor programme. 

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Did you know?

A full-day Athlete Mentor visit is included within the Premium Membership package and all YST Members receive a 10% discount on this product, contact for your discount code. For more information about Membership please click here.

Athlete Mentor workshop - prices from: Details
A part-day workshop costs £415.00 will last between one and three hours. A full day workshop costs £555.00 and will last between four and six hours. Prices are exclusive of VAT.