Physical activity and healthy lifestyles at heart of new EU funded project

Spain based organisation, Deporte Para La Educacion y la Salud (DES) is leading a new EU funded project to promote within schools year round physical activity and the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Moving Schools Challenger builds on an existing project in Spain which encourages schools to take part in non- competitive monthly challenges and has resulted in increased activity levels in children.

As well as piloting the project in selected UK schools, Youth Sport Trust International’s main role in the project is to develop a toolkit to help schools plan and implement their year of challenges and to provide training for project co-ordinators in each of the participating countries.

The project commenced with a ‘kick off’ meeting in Madrid in January 2023, where partners discussed the work programme and witnessed the impact of activities in Spanish schools.

The MSC project is funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme until December 2025 and partners include:

  • Deporte Para La Educacion y la Salud (Spain)
  • L’ORMA (Italy)
  • V4SPORT (Poland)
  • ISCA (Denmark)
  • EUPEA (Luxemburg)
  • BG BE ACTIVE (Bulgaria)

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