PE CatalYST enquiry

Section 1 - PE CatalYST personal details
Enter the name of who we should contact regarding this enquiry
Enter your current job role
Enter the range of ages you have experience in teaching
Enter your school name
Enter your full school address and postcode
Enter your school URN - if unknown please use
Enter your school type, e.g. primary, secondary etc.
Enter the best phone number for us to contact you
Enter your Twitter handle, if you currently have one
To be written in 3rd person for sharing with our PE CatalYST network
Please also include any recent YST initiatives or programmes you've been involved in (if any)
Section 2 - Statement
The following points are suggestions for you to consider: a) What motivates you to participate in the advocacy of our subject? b) Examples of where you have shared effective practice that you have used in your core PE lessons with colleagues and what was the impact on their teaching. c) Any examples of where you have worked collaboratively with colleagues in or beyond your school using coaching or facilitation skills to grow the leadership and advocacy skills of others.
Section 3 - Headteacher information / support
Enter the name of your current headteacher