TOP Sportsability Elements

Within the TOP Sportsability resource there is a module called Elements. Elements is a resource for young people with profound and multiple learning difficulties. The resource follows four themes which are based on national curriculum PE areas of activity that have been adapted to suit the needs of your child.

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This resource provides a variety of simple individual and family-based activities aimed at supporting physical activity for young people at home to support the development of manipulative, movement and sensory skills, and to heighten their personal awareness.

The four Elements themes are:

  • Earth – games-based activities
  • Water – water-based play and exploration
  • Air – outdoor adventure
  • Fire – dance and movement-based activity

This new resource has been redesigned specifically for parents/carers and can be downloaded along with an overview guide from the link above.

You can request access to the full TOP Sportsability resources suite here.

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