Girls Active: Getting Started

This set of resources provides guidance and tools for anyone to get started with Girls Active in their school. This will help you start to take positive action to ensure all girls benefit from a positive PE, sport and physical activity experience.

Free Resource


Thank you for your interest in Girls Active! The aim of this set of resources is to provide any school with the opportunity to access guidance, tools and examples to support them engage girls through leadership and consultation using the principles of the Girls Active programme.

This pack includes:

Appetiser – A short 2 minute read about Girls Active
WHY it is needed, HOW it makes a difference, WHAT does it involve?

Main – Three five-minute read guides:

  1. Reasons to be active
  2. Six principles of effective practice
  3. Empowering girls to lead.

Supplement - Examples from schools, videos, photos, signposts to other resources and organisations.

Self-review – a tool to help you and your school consider current provision, areas of strength and identify areas for future priorities.