Girls Active - Secondary

This report summarises responses to the Girls Active Pre-Intervention Questionnaire that female pupils completed between October 2019 and March 2020.

Overall this study received 8062 responses from female pupils in school years 7 to 13, from 48 different schools. Please note: This report only contains responses from female pupils. Male pupils' responses are presented in a separate report.

Some key findings below: 

  • Girls were asked how happy they felt yesterday, on a scale of 0 to 10. The mean score nationally was 6.3.
  • Girls were asked how much they like taking part in PE, physical activity and learning at school, on a scale from Like it a lot to Dislike it a lot. Girls were most likely to enjoy taking part in physical activity (79%), followed by taking part in PE (73%) and learning at school (62%).
  • Pupils were asked how often they took part in physical activity at school, excluding PE lessons. Girls were most likely to take part in physical activity outside of PE lessons on 0 days a week (45%). On average, girls took part on 1.2 days per week.

Girls Active - Secondary

Here you can download the full report.

Published on 1 April 2020