Alternative Competition

In 2018/19, the Youth Sport Trust, funded by the Sport England National Lottery, launched a pilot project to evaluate the feasibility of conducting alternative competition formats through the School Games Organiser network with the overarching aim of increasing young people’s participation in sport and physical activity.

The pilot events each utilised different variations to their competition
format, the most popular variation used was alternative scoring approaches. Other variations included power play, sportsmanship / values awards, selection criteria, skills focus, player rotation, alternative team format, sin bin, bio-banding and personal challenges.

Through the research activities conducted several benefits have been identified for young people participating in alternative competition formats.

  • Increased participation in sport and physical activity
  • Increased engagement and enjoyment
  • Inclusive atmosphere with increased participation for all
  • Increased sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Increased skill development and quality of game play
  • Increased opportunity to think strategically and tactically
  • Increased sense of achievement
  • Increased confidence to participate in sport and physical activity
  • Promotes participation across those young people who might not have actively participated previously
  • Provides the opportunity for young people to undertake leadership roles

Alternative Competition

Here you can download the full report.

Published on 1 March 2019