Boys Move


Boys Move is a professional development programme designed to equip educators with the principles of how to use sport and play to address the mental health and behaviour issues of adolescent boys, improve their wellbeing, and engage them with school.

Evidence of Need

In a post-Covid society we are seeing more incidents of poor mental health and behaviour in adolescent boys in our most underserved communities. This is leading to poor engagement with school life, increases in exclusions and non-attendance, and a low sense of belonging.

Evidence has shown that, when structured appropriately, sport has the potential to enhance social and emotional functioning, enhance health-related quality of life and develop protective factors against poor mental health.

Did you know?

British 15-year-olds ranked 69th out of 72 countries in the world for life satisfaction, with boys in particular among the least satisfied with their lives
of permanent school exclusions across England were boys
Black Caribbean boys are three and a half times more likely to receive a permanent exclusion compared with white boys

Impact to Date

Boys Move has had a tangible impact on:

  • Increased engagement in physical activity
  • Increased engagement in extra-curricular sport inside and outside of school
  • Increased engagement in school, including attendance, punctuality, and participation in lessons
  • Improved relationships between both the young people and their peers and staff
  • Improved mental health, behaviour and wellbeing with increases in fulfilling potential.

Boys Move impact graphic

This programme taught me that I don't need to be ashamed that I can't play PE that well and that I don't need to listen to what people think of me. It taught me that I can do anything.

Boys Move participant
Boys Move participant

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