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Healthy Movers

Healthy Movers aims to develop children’s physical literacy in the early years, support their social and emotional development and create healthy, active learners.


The Healthy Movers programme is designed to support two to five-year-olds physical literacy, development and wellbeing, helping them gain a better start in life.

The programme is delivered through resources and training for practitioners in early years settings and families to continue the activities at home. For more information on some of the Healthy Movers resources and tools that can be purchased individually, see our product page.

Find out more about Healthy Movers delivery in Cornwall and Dorset by selecting the links on the right-hand side of this page.

Here, you can also find our Early Years Physical Literacy statements. This resource has been devised by a team of experts at the Youth Sport Trust (YST) using the Early Years Physical Literacy Framework as well as reflecting on the feedback from Early Years Practitioners recognising the needs of the children through observing Healthy Movers sessions.

They help and support practitioners in recognising the progress the children can make in their physical development as well as their confidence and motivation so supporting the characteristics of effective learning such as resilience.

The Healthy Movers approach has been effective at increasing children’ physical, emotional and social development as a foundation for improving language, communication and literacy. This was recently recognised in the Department for Education Opportunity Area Guide to Early Years with a case study on our work in West Somerset.

Free support

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made some of our Healthy Movers resource cards free for download. We also hosted Healthy Movers At Home sessions twice a week live on YouTube.

You can find a full list of the available resources and videos here.